Philanthropic Services

We promote strategic philanthropy by engaging with donors to help them make thoughtful decisions to achieve their philanthropic goals.

Through our customized service, insight and expertise, our team helps donors and their professional advisors give and plan with a comprehensive set of services and philanthropic tools.

From clarifying a philanthropic vision, to advisory services for family foundations, to reporting on the results a grant produced, we help to empower donors to give with a clear purpose – to build on their values, to understand the impact of their giving, and to see themselves as innovative, engaged philanthropists.

Ways to partner with Rose Community Foundation:

We also work closely with professional advisors to provide them with the tools and resources they need for their clients.

Helping Donors Become Strategic Philanthropists

How do you decide where your philanthropic dollars are directed? How do you know if your contributions are effective? How do you connect to organizations and issues that address your personal interests?

Answering these questions – and helping you explore your giving options, investigate your goals and find opportunities for you to learn, grow and lead as an informed, engaged philanthropist – that’s what we do.

Working With Rose Community Foundation

Whether you are working as an individual, with your family, as a business or with a group of friends, we can help you to use your philanthropy as a tool for community change. Whatever your interests, we can help you achieve your charitable goals.

If our priorities, expertise, community insight and approach to strategic philanthropy match your goals we hope you’ll contact our Philanthropic Services staff.

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