In January 2020, Rose Community Foundation released a new strategic plan that will chart our path forward.

Along with continued grantmaking in the region’s Jewish community, the Foundation will dedicate funds to achieving the following three goals:

1. Advancing equity and justice

2. Fostering an inclusive and engaged Greater Denver

3. Increasing resources dedicated to strengthening the region

We will lean into the unique roles afforded to us as a community foundation: our ability to support donor philanthropy and be a catalyst to grow the charitable resources dedicated to strengthening our region, and the opportunity to support and leverage policy and advocacy work in pursuit of our mission. In addition to the impact goals above, the plan also includes four organizational goals that will position us to implement the work.

Our refreshed mission, vision and values statements further clarify our inspirations and aspirations in serving the community:

Mission: To advance inclusive, engaged and equitable Greater Denver
communities through values-driven philanthropy

Vision: A thriving region strengthened by its diversity and generosity

Values: Justice, equity, diversity & inclusion, empathy, generosity, transformation through collaboration and community