About Rose Women’s Circle

Rose Women’s Circle (RWC) is dedicated to engaging a diverse, multi-generational group of women to address challenges disproportionately impacting women and girls in order to meaningfully advance social, cultural and economic change in the Greater Denver region.

RWC is a giving circle where members take the next step in their personal philanthropy by learning and working collaboratively to deepen their impact. The program brings together a small and engaged group of women from a range of backgrounds, races, ethnicities, lived experiences, religious affiliations and generations to build relationships with one another and amplify their charitable impact.

The program supports Rose Community Foundation’s mission to advance inclusive, engaged and equitable Greater Denver communities through values-driven philanthropy. Members will learn from one another and from outside speakers about issues disproportionately impacting women and girls before determining the annual focus of the group’s grantmaking. Possible focus areas include, but are not limited to, reproductive rights, infant and maternal health, relationship safety, caregiver assistance, affordable and high-quality childcare, and support in accessing career opportunities. Regardless of the topical focus chosen by the group, the collaborative work will be anchored in the Foundation’s values of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, empathy, generosity, transformation through collaboration and community.

Members will make an annual contribution of $1,000 or more to the group’s grantmaking fund, and all member contributions will be matched 1:1 by the Rose Women’s Circle Fund housed at Rose Community Foundation.


Rose Community Foundation seeks diverse members from across the Greater Denver community who are searching for the next step in their philanthropic journeys. We are seeking participants who are interested in working together as a group, who are open-minded and curious to learn from community voices, and feel they have something to both contribute and gain from this collaborative experience.

This is the pilot year of Rose Women’s Circle, as such, Rose Community Foundation will recruit and invite members to curate a diverse and balanced group who will both participate in and give feedback on the program model. The first cohort will meet quarterly beginning in September 2022. Members will be asked to make a holistic commitment to their participation, giving their time, talent, treasure and ties.

History of the program

Rose Women’s Circle traces its lineage to the Women’s Auxiliary at Rose Medical Center. Following the sale of Rose Medical Center, which led to the creation of Rose Community Foundation in 1995, the Auxiliary became Rose Women’s Organization and continued its philanthropic mission to support the health, education and welfare of women and girls. In 2022, following a strategic pause, the program was redesigned as a women’s giving circle focused on creating a space for collaborative philanthropy focused on advancing gender equity in the Greater Denver community.