Media Inquiries

Please contact Sarah Kurz, Vice President of Communications and Outreach, at 303.398.7450 or by email.

Brief Organizational Description

Rose Community Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the Greater Denver community. Rooted in the Jewish tradition, our values of philanthropy, justice and nondiscrimination are at the heart of our organization. Our work is guided by these values and by the belief that we all have a shared responsibility to do what we can to make our community a better place. We do this through grantmaking, donor engagement, collaboration and community leadership. We support and strengthen nonprofit organizations, we create initiatives to meet community needs, and we support efforts to change policy to better serve the community’s most vulnerable residents. We support donors in their practice of thoughtful, values-driven philanthropy. We do all this to create positive, sustainable, systemic change for the community we serve.

Name Usage

Rose Community Foundation is correct. The word “the” should not be used before our name, nor should it be abbreviated to “Rose Foundation.”

Logo Usage

If you wish to include Rose Community Foundation’s name and/or logo in a publication, please contact Colette Larson, Manager of Communications and Outreach, at 303.398.7444 or by email.