Community Grantmaking

Along with continued grantmaking in the region’s Jewish community, the Foundation dedicates its programmatic funds to achieving the following three goals:

  1. Advancing equity and justice
  2. Fostering an inclusive and engaged Greater Denver
  3. Increasing resources dedicated to strengthening the region

To advance these goals, we fund nonprofits and organizations working in a variety of issue areas and with a wide range of populations. The challenges and opportunities facing our community are interconnected, and we seek levers for change that are intersectional across pathways. Additionally, our unwavering commitment to anti-hate and anti-discrimination is embedded throughout our work. This framework guides our grantmaking as well as our policy and advocacy approaches.

Use the appointment links below to schedule a meeting with our Programs team:

Tricia Bonman

Maria Torres

Ray Barrie-Kivel or Sarah Kurz; Policy & Advocacy


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