Major General Maurice Rose

(1899 – 1945)

Rose Community Foundation derives its name from Major General Maurice Rose, one of America’s most decorated military leaders of the 20th century.

The son and grandson of Orthodox Jewish rabbis, Rose grew up in Denver and took part in World War I as a young man. During World War II, he led a number of successful military drives in North Africa and Europe, including one of the first assaults on German forces occupying Omaha Beach one day after D-Day. In 1944, he was commander of the U.S. Army’s 3rd Armored Division, the first military unit to penetrate Germany during the war. Major General Rose was killed on the battlefield March 30, 1945. During his career, he received many military honors including the Distinguished Service Medal.

“The American Army was deprived of one of its most skilled and gallant officers and a man of rare personal charm…”
– The New York Times

Rose Medical Center

In the year prior to General Rose’s death, a group of Jewish business and professional leaders, led by Maurice Shwayder, had started to organize an effort to build a new hospital that would fill a gap in the Denver community. Denver had a critical shortage of hospital beds, and many physicians returning from World War II had difficulty finding places to practice. The new hospital would be open to doctors and patients of all creeds, races and origins, and dedicated to excellence in medical care. The campaign gained momentum when the organizers decided to name the new hospital in honor of General Rose. The group undertook an intensive local and national fundraising campaign, enlisting the support of well-known Jewish celebrities of the time. On August 31, 1948, General Dwight D. Eisenhower laid the cornerstone for the main building of the hospital.

Adopting the motto, “Our standards are simply higher,” General Rose Memorial Hospital (later Rose Medical Center) was an innovator, bringing to Denver the region’s first coronary-care unit, the Rocky Mountain area’s primary center for the treatment of arthritis and rheumatic diseases, and one of the region’s most progressive programs in obstetrics, gynecology and newborn care. The hospital was also a focal point for community service and philanthropy. Several generations from the same families supported the hospital as doctors, donors, volunteers and staff professionals.

Rose Community Foundation

On April 24, 1995, following a national trend among independent nonprofit hospitals, Rose Medical Center was acquired by a health care corporation.

Rose Community Foundation was created in 1995 with the assets from the sale of Rose Medical Center, approximately $170 million, a hospital created by Denver’s Jewish community in 1949. Today, we operate entirely independently from the hospital, but our work remains grounded in the priorities that guided the hospital’s work: a tradition of philanthropy, a commitment to serving the entire community and high standards of excellence