We are here to make a difference Our work is guided by our values and by our belief that we are here to make our community and our world a better place.

We are deeply committed to our community, donors, grantees, values and mission. We believe in the power of philanthropy to make a difference today and for generations to come. We take a disciplined approach and persist until we achieve change.

Our Mission

Rose Community Foundation works to enhance the quality of life of the Greater Denver community through its leadership, resources, traditions and values.

Our Vision

The Foundation uses leadership, grantmaking and donor engagement to invest in strategic and innovative solutions to enduring problems and emerging issues.


  • Visionary Leadership

    We value innovative thinking, thoughtful risk taking and a disciplined long-view focus in working with donors, partners and other community leaders to address community challenges.

  • Jewish Values

    Our Jewish values of philanthropy, justice and nondiscrimination shape and direct our mission to strengthen the community. These values inspire us to work with all people regardless of their faith, sexual and gender orientation, racial or ethnic background.

  • Commitment to Excellence

    We are committed to excellence in all our work, in how we interact with our peers and partners, and in how we approach problem solving on all levels.

  • Trusted Stewardship

    We believe in responsibly and transparently stewarding the assets that have been entrusted to us and will direct those assets toward measurable impact.

  • Working with Others

    We use a collaborative approach to philanthropy to build partnerships with other foundations, funders, government agencies and nonprofits.

  • Jewish Community

    We recognize our special relationship with the Jewish community in the Greater Denver area. We are committed to connecting Jewish people to Jewish life and to each other and to strengthening institutions serving the Jewish community, now and in the future.