An endowment is a powerful tool to build your organization’s operating strength and create long-term financial sustainability.  

An endowment signifies an organization’s focus on the future, builds confidence with donors, and provides an opportunity for donors to create a legacy and make a lasting impact on their community. The annual distribution from an endowment provides a reliable source of funding and ensures stability and flexibility in uncertain times.

As your partner, Rose Community Foundation provides: 

  • An expertly managed investment portfolio​
  • Oversight, stewardship, and administration over the lifetime of the fund​
  • A mission-aligned, relationship focused, and responsive partner​ship
  • Endowment Building Pathways that include trainings, incentives and capacity building support

“We chose Rose Community Foundation because of their mission-alignment, sound investment management and responsive approach. Having both endowed and designated funds, we are building for the future while maintaining flexibility.” 

– Tarika Cefkin, Former Executive Director, Nathan Yip Foundation

Investment Strategy 

The Foundation’s investment goal is to protect and grow the portfolio’s inflation-adjusted value over the long term. Individual fund assets are commingled within the Foundation’s investment pools. Within those investments, fundholders may select investment styles that mirror Rose Community Foundation’s or an allocation that is more conservative or more growth-orientated, depending on your goals. For more information on our investment strategy, please contact us.

Interested in establishing an endowment? 

Join our community of nonprofits working to strengthen their organizations and plan for the future. The minimum to establish an endowment fund is $25,000. Annual fees are 1% for a fund balance up to $1 million and .5% for $1 million or more. The Nonprofit Endowed Fund Agreement is available here. 

To learn more or to open an endowment fund, contact Amelia Fink.

Past Endowment Programs

We have been proud to launch and grow two programs focused on endowment building and legacy giving: the Nonprofit Endowment Cohort and Live On | LIFE & LEGACY. This training and support is now offered through our Endowment Building Pathways.