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An endowment is a powerful tool to build your organization’s operating strength. The permanently restricted funds in an endowment produce investment returns, providing annual operating support and growing the fund for the future.

“You’ve got to know your expertise. We’re mental health people, not investment people. An endowment at Rose Community Foundation helps us ride out ‘roller coaster’ economic cycles and it demonstrates our stability as an organization.”
– Don Mares, Former President and CEO, Mental Health America of Colorado, Jeanne M. Rohner Endowment Fund

The endowment program at Rose Community Foundation includes fund management and administrative services. Our expert investment committee oversees the Foundation’s professionally managed portfolio of funds. Nonprofit organizations also have the option of a customized investment allocation. We offer coaching on all aspects of an endowment campaign, from donor solicitation and stewardship to growing the fund through future planned gifts. In addition, we also offer incentive grants to encourage endowment growth. We have helped dozens of nonprofits start and grow their endowments.

Interested in Establishing an Endowment?

Join our community of change-makers working to strengthen their organizations and build for the future.

The minimum to establish an endowment fund is $25,000. Annual fees are 1% for a fund balance up to $1 million and .5% for $1 million or more.

Launching an endowment requires commitment on the part of the organization’s staff and leadership. To help you determine your organization’s readiness, utilize our checklist:

Nonprofit Endowments – Determining Readiness Checklist (PDF)

When you are ready to establish an endowment, contact Amelia Fink at or 303.398.7452.

Additional Endowment Fund Forms:

Nonprofit Organization Endowment Fund Guidelines
Nonprofit Organization Endowment Fund Agreement