Nonprofit Endowment Funds

Endowment funds at Rose Community Foundation allow organizations to build long-term, revenue-producing endowments without the burden and expense of in-house administration. Contributions to nonprofit organization endowment funds are for the exclusive benefit of the specific organization designated by the donor or donors. We provide experienced advice and training, and administrative, investment and planned-giving expertise to each organization housing and building an endowment fund at the Foundation.

We are committed to partnering with nonprofit organizations to build their endowment funds and secure their future. Organizations with endowment funds at the Foundation receive customized training and technical assistance from our experienced staff.

View a current list of endowment funds held at the Foundation.

Why Open a Nonprofit Endowment Fund at Rose Community Foundation?

Proven Success – We manage endowment and designated funds for 27 nonprofit organizations and have trained 37 different organizations in how to grow endowments through future gifts such as bequests and planned gifts.

Professional and Diversified Investment Management – We take our fiduciary responsibilities seriously. An expert investment committee oversees the professionally managed portfolio of funds, or an organization can choose a customized investment allocation.

Fund Administration Services – We handle all of the administrative functions for each endowment fund.

Complex Gifts – We can manage many different types of gifts, such as appreciated real estate and securities, closely held stock, tangible personal property, life insurance, and bequests.

Increase Donor Confidence – Housing an endowment fund at Rose Community Foundation sends a signal to an organization’s donors that leadership takes endowment building and asset management seriously and that the organization is looking to the future.

Access to Expertise – For more than a decade, we have been managing agency endowment funds and encouraging their growth through training and incentives. We offer a comprehensive suite of services that includes coaching and training in starting an endowment with current gifts and growing it with future gifts such as bequests and planned gifts, solicitation and stewardship techniques, marketing help, and incentive grants.

Ready to Open a Nonprofit Endowment Fund?

View our Nonprofit Organization Endowment Fund Guidelines (doc) and Nonprofit Organization Endowment Fund Agreement (doc) documents. Also, for more flexible funds for nonprofit organizations, review our Nonprofit Organization Designated Fund Guidelines (doc) and Nonprofit Organization Designated Fund Agreement (doc) documents.

For more information on establishing an endowment fund at Rose Community Foundation, contact Vicki Dansky.