Colorado Latino Age Wave

Colorado Latino Age Wave grantee convening

Energizing cultural assets for the well-being of Metro Denver’s Latino older adults


Our mission: To invest in and advocate for innovative services and programs that support the well-being of Metro Denver’s Latino older adult populations.

Colorado Latino Age Wave is a multi year project of Rose Community Foundation in partnership with Hispanics in Philanthropy and the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado with generous support from the Colorado Health Foundation and Community First Foundation.

Metro Denver’s population is aging rapidly, and Latinos make up the fastest growing segment of the 55+ population. We cherish our Latino elders, and look to them for wisdom and strength.

Over several generations, we have made huge strides in civil rights, politics and business. We have built strong neighborhoods and human services based on Latino values of family and community. At the same time, Colorado Latino Age Wave’s research (PDF) shows that Latino older adults face barriers and disparities in income, health care, employment, housing, transportation and access to culturally sensitive programs. With dramatic increases in the numbers, longevity and diversity in the older adult population, it is time for a shift in how communities care for their elders. Institutional models of care and service that segregate older adults from their families and community are neither culturally relevant nor sustainable. Colorado Latino Age Wave believes that our cultural values of family, community and respect can inform a more holistic person-centered model of care that reintegrates aging more fully into the fabric of family and community life.

Launched in October 2011, Colorado Latino Age Wave was developed in response to research by partnering organization, Hispanics in Philanthropy, that projected a rising “wave” of Latinos entering la tercera edad (third stage of life), and identified a unique set of needs for this growing population. Read the full report, The Latino Age Wave: What Changing Ethnic Demographics Mean for the Future of Aging in the United States.

Metro Denver was selected by Hispanics in Philanthropy as the inaugural community to begin building capacity and innovative programs to support the well-being of Latino older adults.

The Opportunity
Now is the time to shift how our community serves older adults – Latinos and all others. The baby boom generation is redefining aging with a greater emphasis on remaining active, engaged and independent. Latinos recognize that older adults contribute energy, wisdom, resilience and cultural knowledge. By uniting the cultural and generational assets of all older adults, Colorado Latino Age Wave can lead a transformation in how our community supports healthy aging for all.

Awareness to Action Campaign

Community Assessment
In 2012, Colorado Latino Age Wave completed a comprehensive community assessment to identify both the needs and the assets of Metro Denver’s older Latinos. The assessment informs our strategies for community outreach, philanthropic investment and advocacy on key issues. Download the full report (PDF), the key findings (PDF) or highlights (PDF) of the "Community Assessment of Latino Older Adults in Metro Denver."

Innovation Grants
In 2013, Colorado Latino Age Wave invested in community partnerships that help senior-serving organizations better address the needs of aging Latinos and Latino organizations better serve Latino older adults. Learn more about our 2013 grant award recipients.

Experienced Latino leaders have been selected, trained and are now working on specific community-based projects that create positive change for the Latino older adult population. Learn more about our Fellows.

Caregiver Project
The Caregiver Project is a new program of Colorado Latino Age Wave for people who are caring for one or more elderly Latino loved ones. Several meetings with caregivers were held in early 2014 to gather information about their experiences, ideas and opinions. This information will be compiled to show commonalities amongst caregivers and recommendations on how to best serve and work with this vital community.

Cafecitos are opportunities to learn more about Colorado Latino Age Wave's mission, programs and community action campaign to increase awareness around the emerging Latino aging population. Presentations to your organization may be arranged upon request. Contact for more information.

Policy Network
The Policy Subcommittee of Colorado Latino Age Wave determines the project's policy agenda. The project will support polices that help Latino elders age at home, support family caregivers and provide greater community-based access services for Latino elders and their caregivers. Colorado Latino Age Wave is working with partners to develop a coalition of legislative tracking and advocacy organizations that will provide resource information to the Colorado Latino Age Wave project and grantees. 


Colorado Latino Age Wave works to create positive change for Latino older adults within the community through a dedicated Rose Community Foundation leadership team, expert community advisors and experienced Latino leaders who have been selected, trained and are now working on specific community-based projects as fellows.

Learn more about our leadership team, Community Advisory Committee and current Fellows.


Colorado Latino Age Wave Brochure (PDF)
Colorado Latino Age Wave Fact Sheet (PDF)

Studies & Reports

A variety of studies and reports inform the work of Colorado Latino Age Wave.

Community Assessment of Latino Older Adults in Metro Denver

Latinos Developing Alzheimer’s at Much Higher Rate than Whites – Colorado Public Radio – October 9, 2013
Hunger Among Latino Elders in Metro Denver (PDF) - HungerFree - Colorado June 2014