Boomers Leading Change

In the 60s they changed the world. In their 60s they may do it again. Boomers Leading Change is a long-term Rose Community Foundation initiative to engage people over 55 in opportunities for ongoing work, community service and lifelong learning.


We recognize that this large and highly experienced segment of the population has much to offer American society and communities for many years to come.

Boomers Leading Change is based on the promise of the “experience dividend” that baby boomers will contribute to their communities, their nation and their world by remaining engaged, or by re-engaging in socially useful and personally meaningful activities during retirement – or instead of retirement. As the baby boomers reinvent aging, they will challenge America's institutions to remove barriers, change perceptions and adapt to the changing reality of aging.

Community Experience Partnership
Boomers Leading Change engages multiple funders and community efforts for long-term success. Rose Community Foundation is one of 30 community foundations across the U.S. comprising the Community Experience Partnership, a long-term initiative to tap the vast potential of America's largest, best educated and healthiest generation to tackle a variety of pressing local issues. The Community Experience Partnership has been funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies.

Boomers Leading Change in Health

Through a community assessment conducted about how area baby boomers would like to be engaged in their communities, results included:

  • More than half of the people surveyed stated they planned to continue working – at least part-time
  • Nearly 75% revealed they planned to volunteer
  • Close to two-thirds said they planned to keep learning

The adults surveyed revealed there was one overriding issue that would influence the choices they might make regarding their pursuit of each of these possibilities. That issue was health care.

After 30 community foundations conducted local assessments, the Community Experience Partnership created the Community Solutions Program, a consortium of nine community foundations, including Rose Community Foundation, that were challenged to select a significant social issue which could be addressed at the local level by mobilizing Adults 50+ as a key community resource. And so – after much analysis, discussion, and consideration – Boomers Leading Change in Health was born and has become the focal point of the Boomers Leading Change initiative. This multi year initiative is currently jointly funded by Rose Community Foundation's Aging and Health program areas.

Get Involved

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Investment Opportunities

If you would like to participate financially in these and future Boomers Leading Change projects, please contact Vicki Dansky, senior gift planning officer, at 303.398.7422 or