Get Ready to Apply.

We accept applications for programs that serve the seven-county Greater Denver community of Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson Counties. Programs with a broader geographic focus may apply, however, the application must address the program’s relevance to and impact on people living within these seven counties.

An application will be considered for funding only if it addresses a priority within our program areas.

  • Eligible Organizations

    • Charitable nonprofit organizations with tax-exempt classification from the Internal Revenue Service
    • Tax-supported institutions such as a school or government agency
    • New or emerging organizations are permitted to apply when using a fiscal sponsor. Fiscal sponsors assume legal and financial responsibility for the activities of a person or group engaged in work that furthers the fiscal sponsor’s mission.
  • Project/Program Support

    • The majority of Rose Community Foundation grants are made to support specific projects/programs at grantee organizations.
  • General Operating Support

    • In some cases, Rose Community Foundation will make general operating support grants, but a program officer should advise you on whether your application should be for general operating support.
  • Capital Support

    • In some cases, Rose Community Foundation will make capital grants for renovation, new construction and/or land acquisition if the capital project addresses a program area priority. A program officer should advise you on whether your application should be for capital support, as interest in funding capital projects varies by program area.
      • Capital requests of $50,000 or more go through a two-tier application process beginning with a letter of introduction.
      • Capital requests of less than $50,000 will be processed as project/program requests.
      • All capital grants are challenge grants and are provided after commitments for all other funds necessary to complete the project have been secured. A grant commitment (subject to requirements) can be made early in a capital campaign, provided the required application information is supplied.
  • Ineligibility

    • We will generally not support:
      • Grants to individuals or endowments, including academic chairs and scholarships
      • Pass through organizations (grants to one organization to be passed to another)
      • Annual appeals or membership drives
      • Fundraisers and other one-time events
      • Political candidates
      • Debt reduction
      • Over 25 percent of the total cost of a capital project
    • An application will not be accepted if:
      • The project/program does not address a priority within our program areas.
      • The organization has a past due report for prior grants
      • The same applicant has other applications pending

Our Funding Areas

We believe we should all be able to sustain our own independence and a high quality of life as long as possible as we age. We support organizations that keep older adults engaged in our community and that provide access to appropriate services for older people.

Grant Guidelines for Aging

We believe every child deserves a healthy, supportive start to life and the opportunity to thrive. We invest in early childhood education and programs and policies that support the success of children and the social and economic self-sufficiency of their families.

Grant Guidelines for Child & Family Development

We believe every student should have the opportunity to graduate high school prepared to enter college or start a career. We support organizations, schools, learning networks, communities and policies that advocate for dramatic, system-wide improvements in public education for all.

Grant Guidelines for Education

We support efforts to create a health care system that is accessible, affordable and encourages prevention. We work with advocacy groups to inform policy that favors the community’s most vulnerable populations and invest in early childhood mental health.

Grant Guidelines for Health

We recognize our special relationship with the Jewish communities throughout the Greater Denver community. We are committed to creating a vibrant, diverse and inspiring Jewish community that encourages more to join.

Grant Guidelines for Jewish Life

Rose Community Foundation leads, manages and partners on initiatives and special programs that further the goals of our grantmaking and the Foundation as a whole, often in collaboration with other funders. These initiatives often help move the conversation about an emerging issue forward, launch or incubate a nonprofit that fills a gap in the landscape, or create giving circles that bring people of shared faith, background or interest together to learn and practice philanthropy to make our community better.

Learn More about Initiative Funding