Our Story

Founded on a tradition of philanthropy, we strive to create positive, sustainable, systemic change for our community.

Fostering an inclusive, engaged and equitable Greater Denver community.


Across its history, the Foundation’s grantmaking has been both responsive – making grants to support nonprofit programs, services and capacity – and proactive, creating initiatives to meet emerging or longstanding community needs. We provide an array of philanthropic services work, stewarding donors’ philanthropic assets and supporting their grantmaking, while helping nonprofits sustain their missions through the creation and growth of endowments. While serving the community-at-large, we have continued to be informed by Jewish history and traditions, enumerated in our values and strategic priorities.

Our Mission

To advance inclusive, engaged and equitable Greater Denver communities through values-driven philanthropy.

Our Vision

A thriving region strengthened by its diversity and generosity.

Our Values

Universal in aspiration and anchored in the Foundation’s Jewish roots and legacy, our values guide the work we do and how we do it.

We take action to address pressing issues in our community in pursuit of fairness, humanity and justice. Do not stand idly by in the face of suffering or injustice | Lo Ta’amod Al Dam Rei’echa

We advance a more equitable region that provides opportunity and access for all, recognizing that historic and systemic barriers exist based on race, resources, and gender. | The ethical responsibility to right the scales of justice through philanthropy | Tzedakah

We believe all people – regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, ability or country of origin – are equal and worthy of dignity, honor and full inclusion in community life. | All of humanity is created in a divine image | B’tzelem Elohim

We strive to understand the perspectives of individuals, communities and organizations in our region, and to ground our actions in this understanding. | Our experiences – historic and modern-day – create inherent empathy with those in need of support or alliance | Avadim Hayinu B’Mitzrayim 

We encourage and practice generosity, and our giving is informed by the interests, needs and dignity of the recipients. | Honor and uphold the dignity of others | Kavod Habriot

We join with others to work toward a common vision. | Humanity is in partnership to create a more whole and perfect world | Tikkun Olam

We believe our region needs strong, interconnected communities and honor Rose Community Foundation’s Jewish roots with an enduring commitment to supporting the Greater Denver Jewish community as well as the Greater Denver region as a whole. | Responsibility to communal needs | Kehillah

General Maurice Rose
Rose Medical Center and Creation of the Foundation

Rose Medical Center – and subsequently the Foundation – were named after celebrated military hero Major General Maurice Rose. Following World War II, as discriminatory practices lingered and Denver’s population boomed, the Denver Jewish community saw a need for a ...

Don Kortz
Don Kortz

Don Kortz served as the Foundation’s founding president and CEO from 1995 – 1998. Kortz was chairman of the Rose hospital board of directors when its members made the decision to sell the hospital. Kortz agreed to take a leave of absence from his career in commercial real estate to lead the new Foundation. Following his term as president and CEO, Don served on the Foundation’s board of trustees, health committee and philanthropic services committee.

Sheila Bugdanowitz
Sheila Bugdanowitz

Sheila Bugdanowitz was Rose Community Foundation’s second president and CEO. She stewarded the organization from 1998 until her death in 2016. Sheila embodied the Foundation’s values of philanthropy, justice and nondiscrimination and its mission to make the Greater Denver community a better place. She supported and encouraged her staff to invest in programs that were based on clear-eyed understanding of community issues and embraced innovation.

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