Endowment Funds

We invest in nonprofit organizations driven to make a significant difference.

An Endowment is a Powerful Tool to Build Your Organization’s Operating Strength and Create Long-Term Financial Sustainability. 

An endowment signifies an organization’s focus on the future, builds confidence with donors, and provides an opportunity for donors to create a legacy and make a lasting impact on their community. The annual distribution from an endowment provides a reliable source of funding and ensures stability and flexibility in uncertain times.

As your partner, Rose Community Foundation provides: 

  • An expertly managed investment portfolio​

  • Oversight, stewardship, and administration over the lifetime of the fund​

  • A mission-aligned, relationship focused, and responsive partner​ship

  • Endowment Building Pathways that include trainings, incentives and capacity building support

“We chose Rose Community Foundation because of their mission-alignment, sound investment management and responsive approach. Having both endowed and designated funds, we are building for the future while maintaining flexibility.” 

– Tarika Cefkin, Former Executive Director, Nathan Yip Foundation

Investment Strategy 

The Foundation’s investment goal is to protect and grow the portfolio’s inflation-adjusted value over the long term. Individual fund assets are commingled within the Foundation’s investment pools. Within those investments, fundholders may select investment styles that mirror Rose Community Foundation’s or an allocation that is more conservative or more growth-orientated, depending on your goals. For more information on our investment strategy, please contact us.

Interested in establishing an endowment? 

Join our community of nonprofits working to strengthen their organizations and plan for the future. The minimum to establish an endowment fund is $25,000. Annual fees are 1% for a fund balance up to $1 million and .5% for $1 million or more. The Nonprofit Endowed Fund Agreement is available here. 

To learn more or to open an endowment fund, contact Amelia Fink.

Past Endowment Programs

We have been proud to launch and grow two programs focused on endowment building and legacy giving: the Nonprofit Endowment Cohort and Live On | LIFE & LEGACY. This training and support is now offered through our Endowment Building Pathways.

Endowment Building Pathways

Rose Community Foundation’s Endowment Building Pathways provide structured support to helporganizations launch and grow endowments and sustain an organizational culture that builds for the future. Each of the three pathways supports organizations at different stages of their endowment building work and include trainings, incentives, individual coaching, resources and a platform to connect with and learn from peers.

“The Foundation helped us translate the idea of an endowment into a reality with a plan to expand the fund moving forward, and we did it while building relationships with other organizations. I strongly recommend this program to other organizations on the cusp of launching an endowment.”

Kate Brenan, Chief Executive Officer, Minds Matter Colorado

Launch Pathway

  • Launch your endowment fund. This pathway provides the tools your organization needs to integrate legacy giving and endowment building into your development work and organizational culture.
  • Incentives: $10,000 into your endowment fund at the completion of the program
  • Length of program: October 2023 – May 2024
  • Trainings: Six sessions + two individual coaching sessions

Growth Pathway

  • Grow your established endowment fund. Organizations with experience in endowment fundraising and legacy giving will work toward individualized goals related to legacy gifts, endowment fundraising, stewardship, and marketing. 
  • Incentives: $10,000 into your endowment fund at the completion of the program
  • Length of program: July 2023 – December 2024
  • Trainings: Quarterly trainings + two individual coaching sessions

Sustain Pathway

  • Sustain your endowment work. This pathway is designed for new staff and board members of current endowment fundholders who would like to gain a foundational understanding of endowment building and legacy giving.
  • Length of program: October 2023 – April 2024
  • Trainings: Six sessions + additional affinity workshops

Jewish organizations who have participated in an endowment building initiative through Rose Community Foundation are eligible for the Momentum Pathway, which includes training, coaching and ongoing financial incentives to keep the endowment building momentum going. Organizations may participate in the Momentum Pathway and other pathways concurrently. Learn more.

Current Funds

We are honored to steward resources for the community. Rose Community Foundation currently houses the following funds:

  • A & A Abarca Fund
  • The Enid M. and Mark J. Ablowitz Philanthropy Fund
  • M & S Alexander Family Charity Fund
  • Altenberg-Plotkin Family Fund
  • The Anchor Fund
  • A-P Family Fund
  • David and Anna Asarch Family Fund
  • Atler Family Fund
  • August 23 Fund
  • Marti Awad Charitable Fund
  • The B6 Fund
  • The Bay Philanthropic Fund (RCF)
  • The Bender Greenberg Family Fund
  • Benenson Family Fund
  • Bernie Buck$ Fund
  • The BLTS Fund
  • David and Zita Bram Family Charitable Fund
  • David and Zita Bram Family Fund for the Sons of Israel Cemetery in Colorado Springs
  • Donna Bryson and Fredrick Glick Family Charitable Fund
  • Bugdanowitz Family Fund
  • The Button Stores Philanthropy Fund
  • Calamus Fund of Phil Nash and Bob Janowski
  • Chatfield Family Charitable Fund
  • The Cohen Family Fund
  • Lisa and Rich Cohn Family Fund
  • Mark Cordova Family Fund
  • The Corley Family Fund
  • Mary Gittings Cronin Fund
  • David J. and Vicki Perlmutter Dansky Fund
  • Barbara Mellman Davis Fund
  • DiBella Family Fund
  • Alison Dinn and Jeffrey Goodman Giving Fund
  • Dizzion Cares Fund
  • Drinkwater Shneer Family Fund
  • Tracy Dunning & Eric Sondermann Family Fund
  • Eder-Adler Fund
  • EEC Intent Fund
  • Larry and Judy Ann Eichenbaum Family Fund
  • The Eichenbaum Lent Family Fund
  • The Ellie Fund
  • Erev Banot Fund
  • The Ferris Fund
  • Firefly Fund
  • Fischborn Fund
  • Stephanie Foote Enterprise Fund
  • Lulu Frankel-Weisberg Family Fund
  • Charles and Anne Garcia Fund
  • Ken Gart Family Fund
  • Tom and Margie Gart Family Fund
  • Gerald and Lorna Gray Family Fund
  • Roger and Jill Giller Donor-Advised Fund
  • The J. Glick Donor-Advised Fund
  • GoFish Fund
  • Golden Hands Fund
  • The Gootys Fund
  • Grandwine Fund
  • Renee and Martin Gross Family Foundation
  • Guild Community Fund
  • HAC Intent Fund
  • Brad and Emeri Handler Family Fund
  • The Hankin Family Charitable Fund
  • The Leslie & Andy Heins Family Fund
  • The Henry Family
  • A. Barry and Arlene F. Hirschfeld Family Fund
  • Ibex
  • Indyk Miller Family Fund
  • JAAHL SPIRIT’D Giving Fund
  • Jahon Family Fund
  • Jewish Women’s Fund of Colorado
  • Larry and Helayne Jones Family Fund
  • Kalstein Family Fund
  • Keith Family Fund
  • Kikumoto Family Fund
  • Klondike Fund
  • David and Judy Koff Family Fund
  • The Korff Family Fund
  • Richard K. Kornfeld/Julie A. Malek Family Fund
  • Kortz Family Fund
  • L & M Charitable Fund
  • Ladis Family Fund
  • Lanig Family Fund
  • The Lanig Fund
  • Leaffer Family Charitable Fund
  • Leevers Family Foundation
  • Alan and Leslie Levine Family Fund
  • Marc Levine Philanthropic Fund
  • Steven and Diane Levine Family Fund
  • J. Leonard and Myra B. Levy Fund
  • Nathan Levy Fund
  • Lightning Bug
  • Liner Family Foundation
  • Lion Heritage Fund
  • The Mally Fund
  • The Mariposa Fund
  • Mayer Selig Philanthropic Fund
  • The Micah Fund
  • The Sue Miller Transitions Fund
  • Steven M. Mizel Charitable Gift Fund
  • Susie and Perry Moss Family Fund
  • MTC Intent Fund
  • Jane D. Oppenheim Fund
  • Opportunity Ventures
  • Over the Rainbow Fund
  • Papa Marv Fund
  • The Pollock Family Fund
  • Pollock/Gorden Donor-Advised Fund
  • Kami and Neil Pomerantz Charitable Fund
  • JHJ Posner Family Fund
  • Ready Foods Fund
  • RLC Foundation
  • The RLMF Donor-Advised Fund
  • Lisa and John Robinson Family Fund
  • Marcia and Richard L. Robinson Family Fund
  • Laurie and Chris Romer Fund
  • Rose Women’s Organization Donor-Advised Fund
  • Schauble Family Charitable Fund
  • Schneider Malek Family Fund
  • SEO Oxman Charitable Fund
  • Seserman Family Fund
  • The Shmerling Family Fund
  • Marvin and Harriet Shogan Family Fund
  • Judith and Martin Shore Donor-Advised Fund
  • Silvers Refuah Shlema Fund
  • Smith Family Rose Foundation Fund
  • Strear Family Fund
  • Allan and Helena Striker Donor-Advised Fund
  • Gary and Lin Sunshine
  • The Thorpe Family Fund
  • Zahn Vance Thorpe Fund
  • Michael & Pegi Touff Donor-Advised Fund
  • Richard B. Tucker Family Fund
  • The Vanderburg Family Fund
  • Wald and Weiser Fund
  • The Waldbaum Family Fund
  • The WaterBlum Fund
  • WE4Smith Foundation
  • The Jerry and Nancy Weil Family Fund
  • The WeiZan Family Fund
  • Welsch Farber Family Fund
  • The Wherewithal Fund
  • Wilkinson Family Fund
  • Williamson Family Fund
  • Carolyn and Dave Wollard Donor-Advised Fund
  • The Wolman Family Fund
  • Xorak Fund
  • The Colorado Afghan Evacuee Support Fund
  • Colorado Education Organizing Funders Collaborative
  • Colorado Friends Fund of the Harvard Women’s Studies in Religion Program
  • Colorado Media Project
  • Community Action Fund
  • Community Builders Fund
  • The Conductor Circle Fund
  • Constellation Philanthropy Fund
  • CRSP Refugee Integration Fund
  • Early Childhood Mental Health Fund
  • Early Childhood Workforce Innovation Grantmaking Effort Fund
  • Early Childhood Leadership Commission
  • Economic Opportunity Fund
  • Friends of Colorado Student Leaders Institute (COSLI)
  • Fund for Jewish Life
  • Fund for Jewish Nonprofit Resiliency
  • The General Rose Monument Fund
  • The General Rose Statue Project
  • Generation Now Circle
  • Greater Denver Jewish Community Study
  • Jewish Community Capacity Building
  • Jewish Life Technical Assistance
  • Jewish Teen Initiative II
  • LAUNCH Together
  • Learning League
  • Life Long Colorado
  • LinkAGES Fund
  • Live On | LIFE & LEGACY™
  • Metro Denver Nonprofit Loan Fund
  • Newcomers Fund
  • Policy and Advocacy Fund
  • R.E.S.P.O.N.D. Fund
  • Roots & Branches Foundation
  • Rose Women’s Circle Fund
  • Sheila Bugdanowitz Leadership Development Award Fund
  • Together Fund
  • Together We Count
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