Lifetime & Legacy Giving

With more than two decades of experience in philanthropy, we help generous individuals, families and groups create positive change through their giving.

“I am inspired by the words of the Talmud: ‘Every man should plant a tree, have a child and write a book. These all live on after us.’ I want to leave the world a better place than I found it, and the legacy gift is my version of planting a tree. It’s something that will help people even when I’m gone.”

Rose Community Legacy Circle

The Rose Community Legacy Circle honors those who have generously provided gifts to and through Rose Community Foundation in their estate plans. Legacy Circle membership includes invitations to exclusive programs and Foundation events, connection and stewardship opportunities, and recognition of your philanthropic leadership. For more information, contact Judy Altenberg. 

Living Legacy Tapestry

The Living Legacy Tapestry honors the first 100 legacy donors to Rose Community Foundation with personal memories, images and other artifacts. Created by artists Leah Sobsey and Lynn Bregman Blass, the Tapestry is a visual representation of the legacies of our donors. On permanent display in our lobby, it inspires everyone who walks through our doors to reflect on the power of a community of donors living purposeful and generous lives. 

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Legacy Circle Members

* Of blessed memory

  • Enid M. and Mark J. Ablowitz
  • Sheryl and Milroy Alexander
  • Judy Altenberg and Bruce Plotkin
  • Marilyn Van Derbur Atler and Lawrence Atler
  • Elise and Brian Barish
  • Ellen Beller
  • Libby Bortz
  • Zita* and David* Bram
  • VJ Brown
  • Sheila* and Richard* Bugdanowitz
  • Shanti Chacko and Graig Weisbart
  • Bill Clarke
  • James W.* and Peggy* Clausen
  • Susan Cobb and Kate Shea
  • Lisa Reckler Cohn
  • Mark Cordova
  • Mary Gittings Cronin
  • The Curtiss-Lusher Family
  • Vicki and David Dansky
  • Maxine* and Fred* Davine
  • Rae Ann and Richard E. Dougherty
  • Tracy Dunning and Eric Sondermann
  • Therese and Jeff Ellery
  • The Ellie Fund
  • Erica and Elliott Farber
  • Sheryl and Kenneth Feiler
  • Amelia and Andrew Fink
  • Jennifer Atler Fischer
  • Stephanie Foote
  • Anne and Charles Garcia
  • Marjorie and Thomas Gart
  • Shannon Gifford and Jerrold L. Glick
  • Katherine Gold
  • The Goldberg Family
  • Margery Goldman
  • Lynda Mallinoff Goldstein*
  • Julia and Dr. Jonathan Gordon
  • Renee and Martin C.* Gross
  • Lauren Handler and John Silva
  • J. Bourge Hathaway
  • Joan and Mark Henneberry
  • Betsy Herrick and Milt Kahn
  • Lisa M. Herschli
  • Arlene and Barry Hirschfeld
  • Elsa Holguín and Ed Lucero
  • Sarah Indyk and Charlie Miller
  • Dianne and Michael Jacobsen
  • Dr. Robert R. Janowski  and Phillip A. Nash
  • Helayne and Larry Jones
  • Gale and Ron Kahn
  • Leslie B. Karotkin
  • Kathy and Rob Klugman
  • Judy and David Koff
  • Lisa Stein Kornfeld and Brad Kornfeld
  • Mary Lou and Donald* Kortz
  • Carol J. Koscove*
  • Elizabeth and Steven Kris
  • Johanna and Manny Ladis
  • Hilreth Lanig
  • Dr. Indira S. Lanig
  • Mary Lee and Jay Schusterman
  • Devora Leiser*
  • Lindy Eichenbaum Lent and Jason Lent
  • Gaye Leonard
  • Laure and Scott Levin
  • Diane and Steven Levine
  • Marc P. Levine
  • Ann and William Levis
  • Myra Levy*
  • Norman Levy*
  • Robyn Loup
  • Suzann and John Love
  • Ian K. Macgillivray
  • Evi and Evan Makovsky
  • Julie Malek and Rick Kornfeld
  • Miriam Mazel and Mark Hockenberg
  • Arthur E. McAlarney* Revocable Trust
  • Terrie L. McAlarney* Revocable Trust
  • Barbara Altenberg McDonald
  • Barbara Mellman Davis
  • Bonnie and Dr. Jerry* Merenstein
  • Bobbi Lou Miller
  • Lisa Farber Miller
  • Sue Miller*
  • Elaine Millman*
  • Carol and Larry Mizel
  • Naomi* and Ronald Montoya
  • Susie and Perry Moss
  • Kathy Neustadt
  • Barbara and Neil Oberfeld
  • Gillian Nyland
  • Essie and Jordon* Perlmutter
  • Patrice (Hall) Pierce
  • Helene and David* Pollock
  • Joanne Posner-Mayer
  • Dr. Dean Prina
  • Melinda Quiat
  • Roberta and Gerald* Quiat
  • Henry Rasof*
  • Nancy Reichman and Charles Gwirtsman
  • Susan and Edward Robinson
  • Lisa and John Robinson
  • Marcia and Richard Robinson
  • Rachel Romer and David Carlson
  • Mona J. Rosenberg
  • Alec Sarche
  • Nichole E. Scott
  • Miriam Sherman*
  • Debra and Dr. Jim Shmerling
  • The Shogan Family
  • Judith and Martin H. Shore
  • Darlene Silver
  • Dale and Robert* Silverberg
  • Dr. William S. Silvers
  • Terry Smith
  • Helena and Allan Striker
  • Karen and Richard Thomas
  • Jean and Charles Townsend
  • Richard B. Tucker*
  • Liz Ullman
  • Irit and Art Waldbaum
  • WE4Smith Foundation
  • Carolyn and David Wollard
  • Teresa* and Gary Yourtz
  • Anonymous Legacy Donors (12)

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