The Community Action Fund has been relaunched in 2020 to support local nonprofits advancing racial justice. Click here to learn more, or read about the historic approach below.

A moment for action

Rooted in our values of social justice and inclusion, Rose Community Foundation is standing up for our immigrant and refugee neighbors and for communities vulnerable to hate and discrimination. Together we can ensure that Denver is a safe and welcoming community for all, even in these challenging times.

Standing together

In 2019, joined by 50 unique donors, the Foundation invested over $1 million into this initiative to support local organizations on the front lines of this critical work. Your contributions to the Community Action Fund helped in five key ways:

  • ANTI-HATE AND DISCRIMINATION: Preventing or responding to hate incidents and fostering community dialogue and healing
  • COALITIONS: Support for nonprofit coalitions working to strengthen community, combat hate and mobilize volunteers
  • COMMUNITY INTEGRATION AND SUPPORT: Services and programming for immigrant, refugee, and asylum-seeking populations in a shifting landscape
  • EVENTS: Funding for events dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming community for all.
  • LEGAL SERVICES: Grants to nonprofits providing legal services for children and families facing immigration and detention hearings

The Community Action Fund was led by Foundation staff and trustees who put their knowledge and relationships to work to stay abreast of evolving needs and determine how philanthropic dollars can be deployed to help.