The Latino Community Foundation of Colorado and Citywide Banks Launch Joint Campaign, Cambio para el Cambio (Change for Change)

Denver, CO—The Latino Community Foundation of Colorado (LCFC) and Citywide Banks have partnered to launch the first year of a three year grassroots campaign to educate Latinos about the importance of philanthropy and investing in their community.

Using the classic coin collecting container, the “piggy bank,” LCFC and Citywide Banks want to educate and engage the Latino community in philanthropy by encouraging families and individuals to save money in their piggy banks from now through December 31, 2015, then donate those funds to a nonprofit organization of their choice. Using a piggy bank helps to break the myths that philanthropy is only for the rich and older people and helps inspire involvement from people of all ages that might otherwise shy away from giving to their community.

“I didn’t know what the word philanthropy meant until my mother explained it to me,” said 11-year-old Luca Griego. “I think Philanthropy means giving to those who need it the most. I would like give my “change” collected through my piggy bank to an organization that helps feed the hungry.”

The three-year goal is to distribute 5,000 piggy banks in the community with each generating an average of $50. Over three years this would translate to $250,000 going into the community to help address community needs such as quality education, access to health care, increased economic opportunity, civic participation, celebration of Latino arts and culture and more.

“We want to make philanthropy fun and accessible and help create opportunities for families and individuals to talk about giving. We want people to learn to see themselves as philanthropists,” said Carlos Martinez, executive director of LCFC.

Throughout the year, piggy bank holders will be encouraged to participate in a social media campaign to share personal stories about how the campaign contributed to their family’s education or attitude about philanthropy. Each family or individual can highlight what cause or organization they supported and how the process changed their beliefs, practices or involvement in giving back.

All piggy bank holders will be invited to decorate and name their piggy bank in a decorating competition to be launched on LCFC’s Facebook page April 16. The winner will be announced by November 30 and will receive a $500 grant made payable to their charity of choice.

“We are excited to partner with the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado to build strong communities by fostering a culture of giving back; a core value that Citywide Banks has embodied since its founding in 1963,” said Steve Ebner, first vice president/marketing director at Citywide Banks. Cambio para el Cambio (Change for Change) piggy banks are available at the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado offices or at one of their distribution sites, free of charge. For more information, please visit or call 303.398.7405.

About the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado

The Latino Community Foundation of Colorado (LCFC) was launched in 2007, with the vision and support of Rose Community Foundation as an innovative approach to increase philanthropy in the Latino community and to increase the capacity of Latino nonprofit organizations. Since its inception, LCFC has provided grants totaling over $1.5 million to Latino-led and Latino-serving nonprofit organizations throughout Colorado. To learn more, please visit

About Citywide Banks

Colorado owned and family operated since 1963, Citywide Banks specializes in commercial lending, deposit accounts and treasury management solutions for businesses throughout Denver and Boulder. The bank and its team of more than 250 Front Range employees is a proud supporter of hundreds of local charities through employee volunteering, financial contributions, and social media awareness campaigns. For more information, please visit the bank’s website at Citywide Banks is Member FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender.