Sue Cobb and Kate Shea

#WeHeartPhilanthropy – Sue Cobb and Kate Shea

Kate Shea and Sue Cobb

Sue Cobb and her wife Kate Shea became part of Rose Community Foundation’s Legacy Circle when they included the Foundation in their will and estate plan.

Rose Community Legacy Circle is a group of individuals who have chosen to leave a bequest or other type of planned gift to the Foundation. Cobb said the decision to make a legacy gift to the Foundation was not difficult. “Their program areas match our priorities really closely, and expand our horizons as well,” she says. “And after seeing how carefully and thoroughly the Foundation researches, vets and supports its grantees and programs, we knew it would be the perfect place for our philanthropic dollars.” Shea adds that Rose Community Foundation’s focus on the Greater Denver community is also important to the couple.

Both say that making a legacy gift was a way to make a significant philanthropic decision, even though “we don’t consider ourselves particularly wealthy,” says Cobb.

Shea goes on to say that they both feel compelled to think philanthropically thanks to their family experiences. “My parents passed away within a month of each other in 2014,” says Shea. “They had always given back to their community, just as Sue’s had. Giving to the Foundation in this way is one way we can honor their legacy.”

“Philanthropy is an inherently optimistic endeavor in my view,” says Cobb. “Most of us by ourselves cannot give enough to solve a significant social challenge. But if Kate and I do what we can, and others do the same, together we can accomplish a lot for our communities. We can improve the quality of life for those who are struggling, improve our education and healthcare systems and help promote dialogue and consensus around issues that divide us.” When asked what she would tell someone considering a philanthropic legacy to consider, Cobb emphasized the accessibility of a legacy gift. “You don’t have to be wealthy to give,” she says. “Most of us can give something to help our community, and the Foundation makes it very easy to get started on that path.”

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