How to support the people of Israel

Updated October 26, 2023

We condemn the brutal and horrific attacks carried out against Israel by the terrorist organization Hamas, resulting in the largest loss of Jewish lives in a single day since the Holocaust with Israeli hostages remaining captive in Gaza. We mourn the destruction, suffering, trauma and loss of lives among Israelis and Palestinian civilians over the past two and a half weeks.

In the past two weeks, donor-advised fundholders at Rose Community Foundation have granted nearly $500,000 to organizations responding to the crisis in Israel. As always, our team is available to help provide guidance on your charitable giving.

Original post, October 9, 2023

The horrific acts of war and terror carried out in Israel by Hamas have made the last few days among the deadliest and most devastating in Israel’s history. The ties between Colorado and Israel are strong, and our hearts are with those in Israel and Coloradans whose friends, family and loved ones are in harm’s way.

For those who seek to donate in response to the resulting humanitarian crisis, our friends at the Jewish Funders Network – of which Rose Community Foundation is a member – have this advice: Give to well-established organizations with a presence on the ground in Israel and a track-record of disaster relief work. Below are two resources for your philanthropy that meet these criteria.

In our own community, our partners at JEWISHcolorado have established the Israel Emergency Fund to aid victims, address trauma, and assist with emergency medical and infrastructure needs. A group of local donors are offering an up to $200,000 match for contributions to the fund.

If you are interested in funding efforts in Israel directly, Jewish Funders Network is working with the National Emergency Authority to identify and update funding needs. Their website lists organizations actively responding in Israel and will be updated daily.

eJewish Philanthropy has also put together a list of organizations and initiatives that are providing immediate aid and long-term assistance to Israelis.

Ramat HaNegev, a region in southern Israel significantly affected by the conflict, is Denver/Boulder’s sister city. The Negev Foundation is working with the Ramat HaNegev Regional Council to send donations directly to address the urgent security needs of the region.

Should you have questions or wish to discuss your funding, please contact our philanthropic services team.

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