Generation Now Circle: Giving together in support of community

Rose Community Foundation’s 2024 cohort of Generation Now Circle launched last week with a welcome social hour and their first official meeting of the year. Generation Now Circle brings together young adults aged 25-40 from across the Greater Denver region who want to make a positive difference in the community and are interested in learning from and with a diverse group of peers.

Over six months, members work together to explore emerging regional issues and innovative local solutions and collectively decide where to grant $50,000 to nonprofit organizations in the Greater Denver area. Participants learn about and put into practice Rose Community Foundation’s approach to grantmaking, which encourages trust and relationship-building between funder and grantee organizations.

The program supports Rose Community Foundation’s mission to advance inclusive, engaged and equitable Greater Denver communities through values-driven philanthropy. Members learn from one another and from outside speakers about regional community issues before determining the focus of their grantmaking. We are excited to welcome the 2024 cohort of Generation Now circle members and look forward to seeing what they accomplish together.

2024 Generation Now Circle members:

Eleanor Atkeson

Kay Contreras

Cullen Dilldine

Sarah Flischel

Yoal Ghebremeskel

Graciela Gonzales

Abigail Grueskin

Christian Kalenga

Michelle Kruk

Kyle Lephart

Stephanie Lopez

Endiya McDaniel

Stephen Padilla

Kimberly Pena

Katherine Roberts

Jeanette Rojas

Megan Sandhagen

Tyler Sym

Devin Ward

Haley Witt

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