Committed to supporting your philanthropy.

Services for Donors and Families

Your philanthropy is a tool for positive social change and a way to demonstrate your values. We can help you set goals for your giving and develop a personalized philanthropic strategy. We have expertise in working across generations, facilitating conversations about legacy and helping younger family members begin their philanthropic journeys.

Services Include:

  • Philanthropic Planning and Family Meeting Facilitation
  • Planned Giving
  • Grantmaking Ease and Information
  • Record-Keeping and Reporting

Services for Private Foundations

Our staff offers customized consulting services to help private foundations, especially those with few or no staff, explore issue areas, set goals, develop philanthropic strategies and assess impact. Private foundations with an interest in one of our funding areas can take advantage of co-funding opportunities to help leverage their grantmaking.

Many private foundations choose to establish a donor-advised fund as a complementary tool to create efficiency and flexibility in their giving. Donor-advised funds are typically easier and less costly to administer than private foundations and can simplify record keeping and tax requirements. Our donor-advised fund holders are invited to join us for educational and networking opportunities throughout the year.

Our Expertise

When you partner with Rose Community Foundation in your philanthropy, whether through a one-time unrestricted gift or the creation of a charitable fund, you tap into decades of community knowledge.

We are stewards of charitable resources and we take seriously the responsibility of investing and managing those dollars. Our staff, investment committee and investment advisors are experienced asset managers. We specialize in managing complex gifts for our donors and providing excellent service.

Gift Planning Tools

Learn more about charitable gift planning with interactive tools and resources. Our priority is to understand and honor your values and intentions. Explore the options and discover the different ways we can help you meet your charitable goals.

Access the Planning Tools