Rose Women’s Organization (RWO) traces its lineage to Rose Auxiliary at Rose Medical Center. From its roots as a service-based group for women, RWO has evolved into an organization that awards grants to improve the health, education and welfare of women, children and families in the Greater Denver community.

Several sources of income support our grantmaking activities:

  • Income from the gift shop at Rose Medical Center, which RWO oversees
  • Funds raised by our advisory board through events and board member contributions along with donor contributions
  • Earnings from funds that reside at Rose Community Foundation

Rose Community Foundation provides philanthropic advisory services and administrative support to RWO, manages all of RWO’s investment assets and files all relevant tax documents on behalf of the organization. RWO operates under the 501(c)3 charitable tax status of Rose Community Foundation, and all of RWO’s financial assets are part of Rose Community Foundation’s assets.


Rose Women’s Organization awards grants to improve the health, education and welfare of women, children and families. The group learns and grows together through a process of researching, evaluating and ultimately making grants to nonprofit organizations. Grants are made annually. Funding opportunities are by invitation only.

During the 2019-2020 grantmaking cycle, Rose Women’s Organization granted $40,000 to institutions and/or organizations that promote sexual health and wellness, focusing specifically on preventing unintended teenage pregnancy in underserved populations, including but not limited to: communities of color, immigrant communities, low-income communities, people with physical or intellectual disabilities, and people who have experienced sexual victimization.

The nonprofits awarded were Florence Crittenton, Girl’s Inc. and Somos. RWO also made a grant to Rose Community Foundation’s R.E.S.P.O.N.D. Fund.


2019 Rose Women’s Organization Board Members

  • President: Erin Autrey
  • President Elect: Erica Farber
  • Lindsey Baltimore
  • Laura Brenner
  • Amy Chapman
  • Amy Engelman
  • Loren Faye
  • Felicia Greher
  • Courtney Intara
  • Rebecca Kanov
  • Carla Kutnick
  • Susan Levy
  • Alicia Rosenfield
  • Clare Rothchild
  • Kareen Shapiro
  • Tara Shofnos
  • Nancy Steele
  • Michelle Striker
  • Samantha Thompson
  • Devin Tomiak
  • Jamie Winter
  • Laura Wolf
  • Karen Woolf


You may visit Rose Community Foundation’s online donation page to make a secure donation to Rose Women’s Organization. (In the “Please direct my gift to” field, choose Rose Women’s Organization).