#WeHeartPhilanthropy – The Nathan Yip Foundation

Following the death of their only son Nathan in a car accident, Jimmy and Linda Yip started a foundation in his name to fulfill their son’s dream of providing educational opportunities for underserved children all over the world.

“We work in communities around the world – and over the last couple of years closer to home here in Colorado – to ensure that your zip code does not dictate your access to education,” says Executive Director Tarika Cefkin. (The photo at right shows the Foundation’s founders, Linda and Jimmy Yip at the school they work with in Cortez, Colo. The photo below shows the Yips with students in Eads, Colo.)

Through most of its history, the organization was heavily dependent on event-based fundraising which is labor-intensive and the results of which can vary widely from year to year. “Our board understood that we need to diversify our revenue and develop more sustainable funding to ensure we can continue our work,” says Cefkin. They explored options about where to build and house their endowment, but in the end, Rose Community Foundation’s endowment cohort appealed to them most.

Cefkin says being part of a cohort of nonprofits all working to build their endowments has been positive. “We love sharing ideas with other organizations. It feels good to know we’re not in this alone,” she says.

You can learn about the organization’s work here.



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