Training program supports nonprofits through the pandemic

Representatives from seven Colorado nonprofit organizations recently met with members of Rose Community Foundation’s philanthropic services team for their first individual coaching session as part of the 2021-2022 Nonprofit Endowment Cohort (NEC). 

The NEC is a nine-month program providing training, individual coaching and a $10,000 match to help organizations launch an endowment fund and build the internal capacity to grow the fund over time. The curriculum provides organizations with the tools needed to integrate legacy giving and endowment building into their development work and organizational culture. By the end of the program, participating organizations will have launched an endowment fund and created a plan that includes the solicitation, marketing and stewardship of endowment and legacy gifts. 

Members of the 2021-2022 cohort include: 

As we approach year three of the COVID-19 pandemic, establishing an effective endowment fund has proven to be a valuable tool for ensuring the success and stability of nonprofit organizations. A well-planned endowment fund allows organizations to continue providing community assistance during crises that could otherwise leave them financially unstable. The current public health crisis, for example, has been particularly disruptive for Colorado schools who have struggled with remote learning, teacher shortages and insufficient supplies. Three of the seven organizations participating in the 2021-2022 NEC cycle are launching an endowment fund to help improve educational opportunities and outcomes for underserved students throughout Colorado.  

“Cultivating a sustainable, growth-oriented endowment fund is essential to our work supporting our students, teachers and families,” said Jill Henden, executive director at Cherry Creek Schools Foundation. “The education and resources the NEC program provides will help us confront the local teacher shortage, offer scholarships and create a more equitable school district.” 

Upon completion of the program, participating organizations continue to receive coaching and networking opportunities to ensure further development and education. Through two decades of helping organizations build endowment funds, the Foundation has witnessed the transformational impact and financial stability that nonprofits experience from annual endowment distributions and legacy gifts. 

“While much has been unpredictable over the past two years, the dedication of local nonprofit organizations to fostering a more equitable Colorado has only grown stronger,” said Amelia Fink, Rose Community Foundation’s director of nonprofit funds and endowments. “We are grateful for the opportunity to provide participating organizations with the tools and resources they need to prepare for the future.” 

If you are interested in learning more about the Nonprofit Endowment Cohort, please contact Amelia Fink or Gillian Breuer.

Photo courtesy of Cherry Creek Schools Foundation.

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