Legacy Donors United by Philanthropic Values

Rose Community Foundation encourages legacy donors such as Ron and Naomi Montoya to share their philanthropic values through images on the Living Legacy Tapestry

For Ron and Naomi Montoya, philanthropy is a big part of who they are. “It has just been our way of life since we’ve been married, to be involved in organizations and do whatever we can in the community,” says Ron Montoya.

The Montoyas are among a long list of donors who have chosen to include Rose Community Foundation in a bequest through their wills. They are entrusting the Foundation to direct their bequest to support a community they care deeply about through the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado, an initiative at Rose Community Foundation.

Legacy donors like the Montoyas are welcomed into Rose Community Legacy Circle and have the unique opportunity to have their values and community commitment reflected in an ever-growing work of art called the Living Legacy Tapestry. Displayed in our front lobby, the Tapestry will expand to include images provided by the first 100 legacy donors to Rose Community Foundation. The artists are Leah Sobsey and Lynn Bregman Blass of VisualHistoryCollaborative.com.

Get Involved;

  • Learn more about Rose Community Legacy Circle or the Living Legacy Tapestry at https://rcfdenver.org/donors-and-giving/ways-to-give/legacy-gifts/.

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