Racism, in all its forms, endangers people’s safety and security and damages the fabric of our community. The Foundation is committed to supporting the diverse people that make up and define Greater Denver, which means a focus on values-driven philanthropy that is inclusive and equitable.

“We each tackle issues facing the Black community from different angles, but we have a shared commitment to advancing the well-being of our community.”
– Jicelyn Johnson, Founder and CVO of The Black Business Initiative, a Community Action Fund grant recipient

History of the Fund

The Community Action Fund was launched at the end of 2016 to respond to emerging issues that threatened the sense of safety and security for communities in Greater Denver. In its initial iteration, those issues were primarily related to immigrant and refugee populations and communities facing hate and discrimination. In 2020, national tragedies focused long-overdue attention on historic structural racism within our community. The subsequent national and local dialogue has created actionable opportunities to advance racial equity.

Racial Justice and Equity Giving Guide

This guide includes information about organizations Rose Community Foundation has supported that are addressing systemic inequities for BIPOC communities with a particular focus on uplifting the Black community in Greater Denver. View the guide for details about the individual nonprofits and their approaches, and reach out to our Philanthropic Services team for additional support in your giving.

View the Giving Guide

Racial Justice Grantmaking

In November 2020, the Foundation awarded awarded 14 grants totaling $735,000 to Greater Denver nonprofits advancing racial justice. These grants built upon additional investments made earlier in 2020 to advance economic inclusion and mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 in communities of color. The diverse slate of grant recipients included organizations working at the intersection of racial equity and justice and a wide range of other issue areas, from economic and educational opportunity to health equity and environmental justice. Read the full release here