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Honoring the legacy and expertise of Vicki Perlmutter Dansky

After two decades of volunteer and staff roles at Rose Community Foundation, Vicki Perlmutter Dansky has decided to resign from her position as senior gift planning officer at the end of February. Please join us in wishing her all the best in the future and thanking her for the incredible legacy she created at the Foundation.

Vicki has been involved with Rose Community Foundation almost since its inception. She was a board member of Rose Women’s Organization starting in 1998, and then served for six years as a committee member for the Jewish Life program area. Following those volunteer leadership roles, she became a consultant to the Foundation to direct Live On: Build Your Jewish Legacy and launch Rose Community Legacy Circle. Nine years ago, she was hired as the gift planning officer to help steward charitable legacy plans and gifts on behalf of the Foundation.

Vicki’s vision and leadership leaves a lasting impact on the Foundation and all of the donors and partners who had the privilege to work with her over the years; the Living Legacy Tapestry being a physical embodiment of many of those relationships. She has helped ensure the financial sustainability of dozens of local nonprofit organizations by advising them on their endowment fund work and has helped strengthen the Foundation’s endowment so that we can continue serving our community for generations to come. She has been a trusted advisor to our donor-advised fundholders, helping them direct their charitable resources to the causes and organizations that are important to them.

Vicki shared these remarks with us:

“What a privilege it has been to work with and learn from my smart, fun and kind colleagues at the Foundation, the generous individuals and families who want to make a difference now and for future generations through their philanthropy, and the many legal and financial advisors and nonprofit leaders dedicated to their clients and causes. 

“Although the nature of my relationship with the Foundation will be changing, I know this new phase will involve being an ambassador. This was a difficult decision for me to make because I have loved my work and believe in the mission, values and future of Rose Community Foundation. However, I am at a point in life where I look forward to having more time with my loved ones and want the flexibility to pursue some other interests.”

Vicki’s fingerprints will remain all over our Philanthropic Services work and the Foundation as a whole. We deeply value the heart, creativity, dedication and expertise she brought to the role and we are grateful for her willingness to remain an ambassador and trusted thought partner.

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