A screenshot of four people on a Zoom webinar presenting about civic engagement and local media

Civic Engagement and Local Media Webinar

The crises of the last two years have shown that communities need reliable, representative information to help them stay informed and engaged, which has magnified the essential role of local journalism. Rose Community Foundation recently hosted a webinar with Colorado Media Project and a panel of community-based newspapers on how Colorado media outlets are addressing challenges facing them while promoting civic engagement and civic dialogue. 

Colorado Media Project is a nonpartisan philanthropic initiative housed at Rose Community Foundation dedicated to supporting people, projects, and organizations working to build a healthier, more equitable, solutions-focused local news and information ecosystem for all Coloradans. 

“An investment in local media is an investment in civil society, civic engagement and stronger, healthier communities,” said Rose Community Foundation President and CEO Lindy Eichenbaum Lent. “In a time of extreme polarization, trustworthy local news outlets are critical to ensuring a functioning democracy, bridging divides with facts.” 

To learn more about how philanthropy is investing in local media to build a healthier and more inclusive news ecosystem, we encourage you to watch the video below. More information for donors looking to support local news can be found here. For interested donor-advised fundholders, our team would be happy to connect with you to guide your philanthropy.


Bee Harris, publisher, Denver Urban Spectrum 

Jesús Sánchez Meleán, editor, El Comercio de Colorado 

Linda Shapley, publisher, Colorado Community Media 

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