Rose Community Foundation created the Community Action Fund in 2017. Hate crimes in our community were increasing at an alarming rate, immigrant and refugee families were experiencing heightened fears and concerns, and nonprofit organizations serving affected populations were feeling beleaguered.

The Foundation undertook several community action efforts in 2017, including:


In 2018, the Community Action Fund invested more than $1 million to support local nonprofits serving immigrants and refugees, as well as communities vulnerable to discrimination and hate crimes.

2018 grants from Rose Community Foundation’s Community Action Fund, ranging from $1,000 to nearly $100,000, were distributed to more than 45 nonprofits in the following areas:

  • Legal Services: Grants to organizations serving immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers from a variety of countries and providing services including filing for green cards, applying for special immigrant juvenile status for children, or representing children in the court system and detention cases.
  • Healing Divides: Grants to organizations working against hate, encouraging community healing and inclusion, and educating around the power of compassion.
  • Help the Helpers: In order to address the capacity constraints of organizations serving the Community Action Fund target populations, grants were distributed to 10 organizations to build capacity and provide support for frontline staff and volunteers.
  • Building Capacity & Leadership: Grants to organizations that are creating opportunities for immigrant and refugee families and communities vulnerable to discrimination to empower themselves and their communities.
  • Direct Service Provision: Grants to organizations providing necessary, niche services to immigrants and refugees as well as others vulnerable to hate and discrimination.
  • Further grantmaking was done within the Foundation’s focus areas of Aging, Child and Family Development, Education, Health, and Jewish Life:

In addition to grantmaking, Rose Community Foundation’s Community Action work also included thought leadership to address emerging issues. For example, the Foundation presented a forum in October 2018 to highlight the importance of having an accurate 2020 Census count and to raise awareness of local organizations that are mobilizing to ensure an accurate count through outreach and education.


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