Community Action Work

Rooted in our values of social justice and inclusion, Rose Community Foundation is standing up for our immigrant and refugee neighbors and for communities vulnerable to hate and discrimination. Thank you for your interest in learning more about Rose Community Foundation’s Community Action work – we would love to know more about what your organization is doing in this space.

What we are funding

The Community Action Fund makes grants to:

  • Efforts focused on supporting immigrants, refugees and communities vulnerable to hate.
  • Organizations and coalitions taking a systemic approach to creating a safe and welcoming community for all people and to responding to emergent crises affecting immigrants, refugees and communities vulnerable to hate and discrimination.
  • Work that aligns both with the needs of the populations that are at the focus of the Community Action work – immigrants, refugees and communities vulnerable to hate and discrimination – and with the priorities of one of our program areas (Aging, Child and Family Development, Education, Health and Jewish Life).

Information Gathering

We invite organizations working in this space to fill out the Community Action information form. The information shared in the form will be used to match future funding opportunities that may arise to your organization. Because we have limited funds for this work, our focus through the community action fund is working on systemic issues and responding to emergent crises through broad-based coalition work or systems-wide community efforts.

Each program area (Aging, Child and Family Development, Education, Health and Jewish Life) has designated funds for work in this area that might align with their own program area, and we will share the information you provide in the form below with the program officers. We will also use this information to inform future Help the Helpers opportunities – grants to help nonprofits working with immigrant and refugee families and other vulnerable to hate meet increased demand – if we have the opportunity to make additional grants in that area based on our current fundraising or future board allocations.

Additionally, as a community foundation, we help generous people channel their charitable resources to support work that makes a difference, and we are always eager to learn more about nonprofits working in our community as we advise our fundholders on their own giving.

How we will use the information you share:

  • We are continuing to raise funds to support the Community Action work and to allocate those funds to efforts in the community in need of support. Your information will be reviewed by our staff and we will follow up if a funding opportunity arises for which you are a good fit.
  • As a community foundation, we support the philanthropy of individuals and families who have donor-advised funds at Rose Community Foundation. Your information may be shared with fundholders whose funding interests align with your efforts.

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Form – Community Action Information