There is a persistent gap in educational opportunities and outcomes between students in high poverty communities, communities of color and their peers.

Meanwhile, schools and school systems face many challenges, including shrinking public funding, difficulty recruiting teachers and an increasingly diverse student body. At Rose Community Foundation, we are committed to finding innovative, long-term ways to close the achievement gap for all learners in our community, in spite of the challenges.

So that every student has the opportunity to graduate high school prepared to enter college or start a career, we support organizations, schools, learning networks, communities and policies that advocate for dramatic, system-wide improvements in public education for all. We work with public school systems and other organizations to find new and inventive approaches to address long-standing and persistent inequities in K–12 education. We also support policies and organizations that provide voice and representation within school systems to groups like immigrant and refugee communities and people of color who have traditionally been underrepresented in leadership and left out of policymaking decisions.

We encourage innovation in public school designs that meet the needs of 21st century learners and in teaching practices and strategies. We are particularly interested in replicating innovations that increase academic outcomes for students in high-poverty communities and communities of color and in reducing socioeconomic and racial disparities. We also fund efforts to strengthen the recruitment, retention and growth of high-quality teachers and support the critical role parents play in their children’s educations.

We work in partnership with other funders and groups to share and develop new and successful innovations in school design and in teacher effectiveness, so that schools and school systems can learn from each other, to build a community where, in the foreseeable future, opportunity truly is equally available to all students.