Nonprofit work is challenging. Applying for a grant shouldn’t be.

We are here to help you understand our funding priorities and grantmaking process.

Grants Process

Review the steps within this section to learn more about what we fund and how to apply.

  • 1.  Review Guidelines

    • Ensure your project/program and/or organization is a fit with our funding priorities and guidelines. Read more about:
      what we fund
  • 2.  Speak to Program Officer

    • Schedule time with a program officer to discuss a possible application submission and any specific application instructions.
  • 3.  Complete Your Application

    • Log in to the grants portal to submit your application.
      • Once logged into the grants portal, you will be able to start a new project/program, general operating support application, or capital letter of intent using the Apply button.
      • If applying for capital support of $50,000 or more, a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) is required first (please contact our grants manager to gain access to the LOI in the online grants portal). After the LOI is reviewed, a full application may be requested.
      • If applying for less than $50,000 in capital support, please complete a project/program support request.
  • 4.  Application Review

    • After being reviewed for completeness, your application will be assigned to a program officer for review. During the review process, you may be asked to answer additional or clarifying questions, make revisions to this application or to host members of our staff for a site visit.
  • 5.  Funding Decision

    • Our program committees and board of trustees meet regularly to review grant requests. Depending on the timing of your request submission and these meetings, it may take up to four months to receive a funding decision (six for capital). In most cases, a program officer will notify you of the funding decision via phone.
  • 6.  Grant Agreement

    • Once approved, most grants will require you to submit a signed grant agreement before funds can be released. You will receive a request from the online grants system to complete this agreement.
  • 7.  Grant Period

    • Your organization’s project or program is carried out during the grant period.
  • 8.  Reporting

    • If you are awarded a grant, we require a final status report one month following the end of the grant period. Interim reports may also be required. All reporting requirements are outlined in the grant agreement. Organizations whose applications were in process before September 24, 2013 should contact their program officer for reporting instructions. Otherwise, organizations are required to submit all reports using the grants portal.


Grant applications for Program Area grants are accepted on a rolling basis, unless otherwise specified for special funding opportunities and grant cycles.

Grants Portal

The grants portal is the one-stop-shop for managing your application to, or grant from, Rose Community Foundation. All applications and associated documentation (grant reports, proof of matching funds, etc.) will need to be accessed, completed and submitted through your online portal. If you have trouble logging in, there has been turnover within your organization, or you have other difficulties with the grants portal, please contact Kelli Rojas, by phone 303.398.7446 or email.

Grants Portal

Grant Modifications

If you need to request a modification to your grant – i.e. no-cost extension or budget revision – please contact Kelli Rojas, by phone 303.398.7446 or email and she will send you a modification form via the grants portal.