Social-Emotional Learning Funding Opportunity FAQ

Staff will be available for questions about the application for invited applicants from June 1–28. Click here to schedule a meeting with Maria Torres (she/her/ella). For questions about the online grants portal or application, please contact Chen-Pin Hu (she/her). LOI questions, full funding timeline, eligibility requirements, reporting and grantee expectations, and application criteria can be found in the application overview.

  • What does creating a more equitable, just, inclusive and engaged Greater Denver mean to us?

    • EQUITY AND JUSTICE – Though Greater Denver has grown at more than double the rate of the country, the benefits of that growth are inequitably experienced across racial, gender, economic and geographic differences. We recognize and seek to correct the entrenched disparities and systemic inequities impacting communities that have been historically underserved, underrepresented and oppressed. Achieving equity requires us to acknowledge that our systems have failed to serve many in our community and commit ourselves to addressing the funding gaps and structural barriers that impede equity and justice for all communities. 
    • INCLUSION AND ENGAGEMENT – We recognize that not all Greater Denver community members have been able to participate fully in civic life or feel a sense of belonging in our community. We seek to build an inclusive and welcoming community, support an informed and engaged society, and advance civic engagement for the betterment of public discourse, public policy and community interconnectivity.
  • Are Out-of-School-Time (OST) providers eligible to apply for this opportunity?

    • Yes, if the organization is providing professional development or similar support for their staff that will help them develop skills to ensure they can model positive social and emotional competencies for students.
  • Is my organization eligible to apply if we received a grant last year?

    • Organizations that have current funding through Rose Community Foundation’s discretionary grantmaking are not eligible to apply for this opportunity. If you have questions about whether you have current funding through Rose Community Foundation and which department it comes from, please contact Chen-Pin Hu (she/her), grants associate.
  • What do we mean by collaborative projects?

    • A group of organizations working together to achieve greater impact in a way they could not do alone. Some examples relevant to this opportunity include: a nonprofit organization working with a group of schools; a school district partnering with an OST provider or a group of them to provide services to educators and other staff.