We are your partner in making a difference.

As a community foundation, we support and partner with private foundations in a number of ways. Our staff offers customized consulting services to help private foundations, especially those with few or no staff, explore issue areas, set goals, develop philanthropic strategies and assess impact. We provide advising and facilitation to help families bring a new generation into their philanthropy.

Private foundations with a particular interest in one of our five focus areas can take advantage of co-funding opportunities and more than two decades of community relationships to help leverage their grantmaking.

Many private foundations choose to establish a donor-advised fund at Rose Community Foundation as a complementary tool to create efficiency and flexibility in their giving. Donor-advised funds are typically easier and less costly to administer than private foundations and can simplify your record keeping and tax requirements. Our donor-advised fund holders are part of a philanthropic community and are invited to join us for educational and networking opportunities throughout the year.