Roots & Branches Foundation Members

The 18 members of Roots & Branches Foundation 2019 are a diverse and talented group of young Jewish adults. They work in the nonprofit, tech, business and education fields. The group includes Denver natives and people who have lived here for only a few months. They represent a broad range of Jewish denominations. They have come together to connect Judaism to the good they seek to do in the community and to give together to make a difference.

  • Lauren  Baum
  • Lisa Berdie
  • Adam Burg
  • Ben Figa
  • Lauren Fink
  • Hillary Haspel
  • Ryan Hustana
  • Kolby Morris Dahary
  • Hirsch Neustein
  • Rosa Perlman
  • Meredith Slater
  • Josh Snyder
  • Reut Tenne
  • Zach Tucker
  • Chava Tzemach
  • William  Weiner
  • Andrew Woodman
  • Sara Zessar