Living Legacy Tapestry

The Living Legacy Tapestry, created in 2012, recognizes and honors the Foundation’s legacy donors, individuals who have included Rose Community Foundation in their estate plans. The Tapestry is an artistic archive of the values and experiences that have informed their philanthropy and dedication to community.

Donors are asked to provide photographs, documents and items of personal significance. The artists transfer the images onto long paper panels coated with encaustic. As these unique stories and meaningful images are blended together, the Tapestry reflects a community of caring, passionate people committed to ensuring the welfare of future generations.

The Living Legacy Tapestry, on display in the lobby of Rose Community Foundation, will evolve and grow as Rose Community Legacy Circle expands and welcomes new donors.

To learn more about becoming a legacy donor and contributing your memories to the Living Legacy Tapestry, contact Judy Altenberg, Director of Gift Planning and Advisor Relations at

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