This page will be updated regularly as circumstances evolve. Please keep checking back and feel free to contact us with any questions.


  • How will the Foundation’s operations be affected by COVID-19? 

    • While we have closed our physical office space, our team will continue to operate all functions while working remotely. At this time, we anticipate a closure through at least April 17; however, as the situation continues to unfold, we will extend those plans as necessary. We continue to remain committed to serving the needs of our fundholders, our grantees and the community. 

      While our office is closed, we will not host or participate in any in-person meetings. If you have a meeting scheduled with a Foundation staff member through April 17, they will be in touch with you about scheduling a virtual meeting or possibly postponing. 

      We ask for your patience with us as we navigate these uncharted waters. We will strive to deliver the level of service to which our stakeholders are accustomed, but please know that our response times may be slightly different than usual. 

  • Where is Rose Community Foundation directing its grantmaking resources? 

    • (1) We have contributed $100,000 to the Governor’s COVID Relief Fund, which will support the needs of communities impacted by COVID-19 in both response and recovery. Rose Community Foundation president and CEO Lindy Eichenbaum Lent is also representing the Foundation on the Governor’s Leadership Committee on COVID Relief. 

      (2) We are anticipating making direct grants to nonprofit organizations serving vulnerable communities in the Greater Denver region and will share details about those grants as they are developed. 

      We will continue to update our website as we make specific grants and contributions or have funding opportunities available. Please feel free to contact the programs team with any questions in the meantime.

  • I am currently a grantee of Rose Community Foundation. Am I still required to meet the specific requirements and deliverables outlined in my grant? 

    • This pandemic places a major burden on our community’s nonprofit organizations – in terms of increased demand for their services, increased strain on their staff, and interruption of fundraising activities that further exacerbate the strain on their resources. As such, we recognize that many of our grant recipients may need to reorient their funds in order to respond to the continuously changing circumstances. We appreciate that each of our grantees has responded with great empathy and nimbleness in these unprecedented times. We want to support you in these efforts and in your ability to focus on the big picture, prioritizing the health and safety of our communities. 

      The Foundation will be flexible regarding grant objectives, activities, reporting and timelines in situations where COVID-19 impacts your capabilities or priorities. Please reach out to your program officer if you have questions about your grant. 

  • Where should I donate to support COVID-19 relief efforts? 

    • There are several options for those interested in donating to COVID-19 relief efforts. 

      (1) Contribute to the Governor’s COVID-19 Relief Fund. 

      Rose Community Foundation is proud to partner with and support the Governor’s Relief Fund at Mile High United Way, a coordinated, statewide effort bringing together government and philanthropy to respond to this crisis, now and in the months to come, as we shift from response to recovery. We have pledged $100,000 in Foundation grant funds to this effort, and individuals and businesses are also encouraged to contribute. 

      (2) Support nonprofits on the frontlines of coronavirus response in our community. 

      We will continue to update our resources page with vetted local and statewide nonprofit organizations that are serving vulnerable and at-risk populations including older people, people already living in poverty, undocumented people, and those with existing medical needs. These organizations are providing food for children who had relied on their schools for meals, providing financial and rent assistance to help people with lost incomes, and helping people without homes or for whom home is not a safe place to shelter. They need resources to do mobilize quickly and safely. 

      (3) Foundations throughout Colorado have also set up their own COVID-19 relief funds. That list can also be found on our resources page. 

  • How can I support relief efforts in ways other than donating money? 

    • There are numerous opportunities to support local nonprofits by making non-monetary donationsvolunteering or giving blood. Visit our resources page to learn more. 
  • I am a fund holder at Rose Community Foundation. How can I use my fund to support COVID-19 relief efforts?

    • Donor-advised funds are powerful tools for good at this time. One of the benefits of a donor-advised fund is its flexibility, the fact that it allows a tax-deductible donation at any time and can then be used at any time when giving strategy, community needs or opportunities arise. In ways most of us have not witnessed in our lifetimes, this IS that moment. 

      Consider supporting the Governor’s COVID-19 Relief Fund or one of the vetted local and statewide nonprofits on our resources page. If you have specific questions about your fund or your giving, please reach out directly to your philanthropic services representative. 

      Our team is here to support you and your philanthropy and to keep you connected to our community’s evolving needs and response efforts. More than ever, we are deeply grateful for your generosity and partnership. 

  • I am a fund holder at Rose Community Foundation. How, if at all, is the Foundation’s investment strategy shifting in response to COVID-19’s effect on the market? 

    • As a foundation created to serve Greater Denver for generations to come, our investment approach has always been – and will continue to be – a long-term strategy focused on building for the future and minimizing downside risk when possible. This conservative approach guards against market volatility, mitigating losses when the market hits a downturn. As we continue to see the markets respond to the uncertainty created by COVID-19, we are also gratefully reminded that one of the benefits of the OCIO (outsourced chief investment officer) relationship we have with J.P. Morgan is that in times of market fluctuation, they are continuously and actively reviewing the portfolio’s positioning. 

      We will continue to keep our fund holders updated as new developments arise. Please reach out to chief financial officer, Gretchen Lenamond, with any questions.