Open a Fund

Opening a donor-advised fund or designated fund at Rose Community Foundation is quick, easy and efficient – in most cases, the fund is operational in less than 24 hours. Our staff will work closely with you and/or your professional advisor to be sure that your fund offers you all the advantages and flexibility of our customized philanthropic tools.

This information pertains to donor-advised and designated funds. If you are interested in opening a nonprofit endowment fund, learn more.

The Process

1. Identify your charitable purpose(s) or intent(s).
This can range from highly specific – for example, support for early childhood education – to general in scope, such as “general support for local nonprofits.”

2. Select the type of fund that best fulfills this purpose or intent.
Types of funds offered at Rose Community Foundation are donor-advised funds and designated funds. View our Donor-Advised Fund Guidelines (PDF) and Designated Fund Guidelines (DOC) documents. If you need more information, our knowledgeable staff is happy to advise you on the various options and the advantages of each fund type.

3. Complete a simple governing document.
We can help you to complete an official document [Donor-Advised Fund Agreement (DOC) or Designated Fund Agreement (DOC)] that makes your intentions clear and provides us with all the information that we need to open a fund.

4. Name the fund.
Fund names may take virtually any form – your name, a family name, your corporate name, a cause-related name, or something else entirely. You also may choose to remain anonymous.

5. Designate advisors to your fund.
Depending on the type of fund established, you should designate current fund advisors such as yourself and your spouse, and successor advisors such as your children. This information will be included in your governing document.

6. Make a decision about how your funds will be invested.  
Funds will be invested in the Foundation’s unitized investment pools according to our investment guidelines, or donors can choose a customized investment allocation within our investment pools.

7. Activate the fund by making an establishing gift.
Options include an outright cash gift, stock, appreciated property, private foundation assets, planned gifts, retirement accounts and life estates. Our staff can help you devise a philanthropic plan that may include other types of assets including using complex assets to establish donor funds. To learn about the different types of noncash gifts we accept, read our Gift Acceptance Policies (PDF) or contact Vicki Dansky. Stock transfer instructions are here.

8. Once you establish your fund, you may:

  • Add to the fund at any time in any dollar amount. You will receive a tax deduction at the time the fund is established and when additional contributions are made to the fund.
  • Specify how grant disbursements should be acknowledged. You may make a grant using your fund’s name, or you may remain anonymous.
  • Make grants to any qualified 501(c)(3) organization across the United States and other charitable organizations throughout the world. Once your forms and gift are finalized, you can begin to make grant recommendations immediately by using DonorCentral, an online donor portal.

To get started with setting up your fund today, please contact Vicki Dansky, senior gift planning officer, at or 303.398.7422.