Helping Houston

We join with the rest of the nation in sending Houston and the surrounding area support in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the devastating floods it brought. We also want to make sure that the area gets the resources it needs for what will be a long and difficult recovery. We know that philanthropy and individual donations will be a critical part of this recovery, along with state, federal and other assistance, just as they have in past disasters.

We encourage donations to the following organizations supporting the relief effort:

The American Red Cross is providing immediate assistance to people displaced by the disaster, and will continue to help throughout the area in the months to come.

The United Way has a chapter in Houston that is responding to immediate needs, and that has established a relief fund to provide ongoing support in the greater Houston area for flood victims.

The Greater Houston Community Foundation is housing the relief fund established by Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner to accept donations toward the relief effort.

The San Antonio Area Foundation is housing a fund established by that city’s mayor to serve coastal communities hit by the hurricane as well as evacuees.

In coming days and weeks, Rose Community Foundation will continue to find ways to support the Houston community and communities around it that are suffering and will suffer long-term impacts from these extreme weather events.