Capital Projects


In general, a capital project will be considered for funding only if it addresses a priority within our program areas. Interest in funding capital projects varies by program area. Learn more about our program area guidelines.

How to Apply

We require organizations seeking capital funds for renovation, new construction, and/or land acquisition to go through a two-tier application process. Applicants are encouraged to speak with a program officer prior to submitting a letter of introduction for a capital grant.

Organizations must first submit a one-page introduction letter outlining the project for our program staff to review prior to submitting an application. Letters of introduction must be submitted using our online grant application. After we review the letter of introduction, the applicant may be invited to submit a full application. If you have already been invited to submit a full application, access our online grant application.

In general, we complete the grant decision-making process within six months after receiving a complete capital project application.

Levels of Support

The maximum capital grant we will generally provide is up to 25 percent of a project’s total cost. All capital grants are challenge grants and are provided after commitments for all other funds necessary to complete the project have been secured. A grant commitment (subject to requirements) can be made early in a capital campaign, provided the required application information is supplied.

Debt reduction is generally not allowed.